3rd Press Release




Newsletter #5


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Newsletter #2

D1.2         Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

D1.3         Data Management Plan (DMP)

D2.1         Report on biomass residue and waste feedstock potential assessment in Europe and Canada

D2.2         Report on low-cost collection/harvesting, pre-processing and handling strategies tailored for biomass/waste feedstocks of FlexSNG

D2.3         Report of an integrated co-handling approach for forest and agro feedstocks

D3.1         Report on the development and optimisation of oxygen membranes for biomass gasification

D4.4         Conference presentation: Preliminary results of gasification process development

D5.5         Presentation/article on the extended-time validation tests with the FlexSNG process

D6.1         Report on biochar characterization

D6.3         Summary report of biomethane utilization pathways

D7.1         Determination of KPIs for the proposed process concepts

D7.2         Definition of the FlexSNG process configurations

D8.1         Techno-economic assessment report for the North European case studies

D8.2         Techno-economic assessment report for the Central European case studies

D8.3         Techno-economic assessment report for the South European case studies

D8.4         Techno-economic assessment report for the Canadian case studies

D8.5         Report on FlexSNG environmental analysis

D9.2         Communication and Dissemination Plan (C&DP) and periodic updates

D9.3         Project website established and social media launched

D9.4         First e-newsletter and promotional leaflet

D9.6         Report and a short dissemination video of the first Industrial Topical Workshop

D9.7         Report and a short dissemination video of the second Industrial Topical Workshop