Case studies

The FlexSNG case studies will evaluate the implementation potential of the FlexSNG concept in different regions in Canada and Europe. The aim is to identify the most economically attractive environment for a subsequent flagship demonstration through an analysis of the energy markets in four case study regions:


1) Canada

2) Northern Europe (Sweden and Finland)

3) Central Europe (France and Germany)

4) Southern Europe (Italy and Greece)

Northern Europe
Central Europe
Southern Europe
The case studies will take into consideration the regional characteristics (feedstock prices and availability, biochar & gas markets and prices, industrial integration possibilities, legislation, etc.) of specific countries as an extension of techno-economic analyses based on CAPEX and OPEX data. The business potential analysis will build on the case study results and will assess the benefits and risks related to the implementation of the FlexSNG concept in different case study scenarios. Relative competitiveness of the FlexSNG process against commercially available comparable technologies will also be evaluated, and the impact of key parameters, such as biomass quality/quantity/cost or biochar value, will be determined.

Optimization of feedstock supply chain

As feedstock costs often account for more than half of the biofuel production costs, FlexSNG aims at demonstrating 20% reduction in feedstock supply costs throughout the optimization of the feedstock supply chain. The project is based on the utilization of lower quality biomass residues and biogenic waste fractions that are available at low cost or, in the case of wastes, even at zero or negative costs.