FlexSNG First Topical Workshop: Turning low cost bio-feedstocks into valuable products

On the 3rd November 2022 FlexSNG H2020 Project held it’s first topical workshop at EIFER, Karlsruhe, Germany. This hybrid event was joined by nearly 200 guests, in person and online from all around Europe and the world, proving to be a great success globally!

During this one day event we heard from leading experts about gasification, biochar and its market potential, as well as supply chain optimization, EU green energy policies, and how industrial scale gasification is progressing. The event was rounded off with an introduction to industrial symbiosis and its critical role in the economic viability of biofuel processes, a summary of the projects case studies, and a group discussion about the “winning conditions” for the FlexSNG Process.   

To rewatch the whole event follow this link: https://youtu.be/luwB1v8YF4s

The event followed the running order list as presented below, and to download the presentation slides please click on the relevant title:

  1. Introduction to the FlexSNG process, including gasificationSanna Tuomi, VTT
  2. Biochar as an output of FlexSNG processStephan Seidelt, EIFER
  3. Creative Optimization – Feedstock supply chain optimizationErik Rönnqvist, Creative
  4. Sumitomo SHI-FW – industrial gasification and link to FlexSNG: Sumitomo Foster Wheeler’s fluidised-bed gasification technology for converting biomass residues and wastes into syngasFrank Ligthart, Sumitomo
  5. Wood.: the proven technology and link to FlexSNG: VESTA methanation technology for pipeline-quality SNG productionFabio Ruggeri, Wood
  6. Session overview and introductionIlkka Hiltunen, VTT
  7. The EU policies for renewable fuelsMaria Georgiadou, EC DG RTD         
  8. Gasification from biomass: market potential and national strategiesSacha Alberici, Guidehouse
  9. Effects of biochar on crops under different climatic conditionsKurt Möller, LTZ
  10. Biochar:  a world of possible applicationsDavid Chiaramonti, POLITO
  11. BioSNG:  product specifications and market value intro to case studies – Stephan Seidelt, EIFER
  12. Industrial symbiosis and its critical role in the economic viability of biofuel processes, with an introduction to Greenfield Global and their business strategy to the world of biofuelsPaul Stuart, Polytech Montréal
  13. A tale of 4 case studies being considered in the FlexSNG H2020 ProjectKostis Atsonios & Christina Antonopoulou, CERTH
  14. Discussion of “winning conditions” for the FlexSNG Process – Chair: Paul Stuart, Polytech Montréal
  15. Workshop round up with closing remarks – Ilkka Hiltunen, VTT

The content of anything presented at the FlexSNG Topical Workshop reflects only the authors’ view.
The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) & European Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained or presented.

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