FlexSNG’s first published Paper

A review on dual-phase oxygen transport membranes: from fundamentals to commercial deployment, written by R. Kiebach et al, and published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Nov 2021), is the first paper to be published for the FlexSNG project and can be read here.

This review paper aims to guide new studies that will promote the development and upscaling of dual-phase Oxygen transport membranes (OTMs), basing discussions on recent developments, current opportunities and challenges, and future directions of research. In this review paper, information about the basic working principle, properties, performance and current application in industry of dual-phase OTM membranes can be comprehended. Next to material properties, preparative methods and manufacturing are in focus, intending to accelerate development and upscaling of new materials and components. Furthermore, existing challenges and research strategies to overcome these are discussed, and focus areas and prospects of future application areas are suggested.

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