FlexSNG: Topical Workshop – Turning low cost bio-feedstocks into valuable products

Join us for this industry workshop organised by FlexSNG H2020 Project, and hosted by project partner EIFER, in Karlsruhe, Germany. The event can be joined for free in person at Karlsruhe.  In this 1-day event you will have the opportunity to learn about the future possibilities of biomethane and biochar from gasification, and how the FlexSNG is determining the “winning conditions” that make its implementation attractive.

You will have the opportunity to learn about these progressive technologies with presentations from industry on gasification and methanation, the FlexSNG process including innovative design aspects, and approaches for minimizing the cost of delivered biomass to these facilities. 

The importance of policy and market opportunities for bioSNG and biochar will be emphasized, as well as the critical role of industrial symbiosis for winning economic conditions.

Event topics will cover:

  • process economies-of-scale with a de-risked process,
  • low-cost lower-quality biomass,
  • good policy support for biofuels and biochar, and
  • the role of industrial symbiosis. 

There will also be opportunities for discussions and networking.


09:30 Welcome tea & coffee
Morning networking
10:00 Workshop Opening & Agenda
FlexSNG Project Introduction
– Gasification
– Biochar
10:45 FlexSNG Process Innovation
Creative – Supply chain
Sumitomo – industrial gasification and link to FlexSNG  
Wood – the proven technology and link to FlexSNG  
12:30 Lunch
14:00 FlexSNG Products and markets 
– bioSNG:  product specifications and market value – Ilka
biochar:  a world of possible applications
– biochar: mitigating risk agriculture
– Policy and its impact on the market price of bioSNG and biochar
16:00 Industrial symbiosis and the case studies
– Industrial symbiosis and its critical role in the economic viability of biofuel processes.
– A tale of 4 case studies being considered in the FlexSNG H2020 Project.
– Greenfield Global: adapting their business strategy to the world of biofuels.
Workshop round up 
Discussion of “winning conditions” for the FlexSNG Process
17:00 Networking

Speakers include partners from the project – VTT, EIFER, Creative, Sumitomo, Wood, Polytechnique Montréal – as well as international representatives from related projects.

To register as an attendee, in person or online, please register here:

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