FlexSNG to host a workshop at this year’s EUBCE

Syngas technologies, value chains, and market potential – 6th June 2023

In this workshop hosted by the FlexSNG H2020 Project we will hear about the different gasification technologies currently being researched in the following projects. The presentations will highlight the differences between value chains, technologies, and market potentials for each project.

The workshop will follow the subsequent agenda:

Introduction to the session by FlexSNG

Presenter: Ilkka Hiltunen, VTT (session chair)


Demonstrating and Connecting Production Innovations in the Biomethane universe – project overview

Presenter: Claudio Carbone, ENEA


Biofuels production from Syngas Fermentation for Aviation and maritime use – presenting results and updates from the project

Presenters: Giorgia Pellegrino, Envipark & Nikolaos Detsios, CERTH


Flexible Production of Synthetic Natural Gas and Biochar via Gasification of Biomass and Waste Feedstocks, and its market potential

Presenters: Sanna Tuomi / Minna Kurkela, VTT & Stephan Seidelt, EIFER

Carbon Neutral LNG

Carbon Neutral electricity enhanced Synthesis of Liquefied Natural Gas from biomass – an overview of this new research project

Presenter: Juergen Karl, FAU

Session wrap-up

Presenter: Ilkka Hiltunen, VTT

More information about the event and how to attend can be found here: Bioenergy and renewable fuels projects for the revamping of the SET Plan

More News

DTU ships OTM module to VTT

The first step towards validating FlexSNGs key enabling technologies is underway with the shipment of the OTM module from DTU in Denmark to VTT in Finland