FlexSNG presented at BIOMASS DAY 2023

The main topic of the BIOMASS DAY 2023 seminar, held in Athens on 27th Jan 2023, was “the role of bioenergy as an active Bioeconomy sector in dealing with the Energy Crisis”. As part of the conference Kostis Atsonios, CERTH, presented new gasification technologies for the production of liquid and gaseous biofuels for transport use. To start, he explained why biofuels have an important role in the decarbonization of transport sector and showed the advantages & challenges of gasification technology. Then, Kostis presented the concepts of three ongoing H2020 projects, that CERTH is participating in, which deal with the development of advanced biofuels, focusing on the enabling gasification technologies. More specifically, FlexSNG’s technology was presented, showing the flexible gasification concept that VTT is developing for the production of biomethane, biochar and heat, pointing out the benefit it offers in feedstock flexibility, enabling the development of sustainable case studies for Greece. The audience showed interest in the FlexSNG concept, especially in regards to its comparison with the traditional biomethane route via biogas upgrading. The full presentation in Greek can be downloaded here.

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FlexSNG continuing to gain momentum

September 2023 was a momentous month for the FlexSNG, not only were we granted a 7-month extension to the project, but we also reached more than 1000 followers on LinkedIn!

FlexSNG at CINEA Cluster Event

FlexSNG project took part in a CINEA cluster event for H2020 and Horizon Europe research projects dealing with biofuels and biomethane, on Monday, 02 October 2023 in Brussels at CINEA.

FlexSNG News: Pilot tests campaign May 2023 

Successful validation campaign:  During the first pilot test campaign in May 2023, VTT’s newly constructed pressurized CFB gasification pilot plant “UCG2021” was successfully operated in

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