FlexSNG featured in Cordis information pack: ‘Innovative biomethane for REPowerEU’

Europe’s energy security is under pressure from rising costs, climate change, domestic and international energy policy, and conflict. Biomethane – natural gas produced from renewable sources such as municipal and agricultural waste – offers a reliable, drop-in fuel that can meet the energy needs of citizens.

This Projects Info Pack showcases the research being carried out to grow Europe’s biomethane industry, boosting energy security and helping to deliver on the EU’s ambitions for a competitive, low carbon economy, including

Follow this link to download the full pack: Innovative biomethane for REPowerEU, A projects info pack by CORDIS A summary of the pack highlights is provided here: Cordis info pack ‘Innovative biomethane for REPowerEU’

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FlexSNG News: Pilot tests campaign May 2023 

Successful validation campaign:  During the first pilot test campaign in May 2023, VTT’s newly constructed pressurized CFB gasification pilot plant “UCG2021” was successfully operated in

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FlexSNG at EUBCE 2023

FlexSNG had a big presence at this year’s EUBCE with project partners presenting posters, abstracts, chairing session and hosting a successful workshop! The workshop titled Syngas