FlexSNG at EUBCE 2023

FlexSNG had a big presence at this year’s EUBCE with project partners presenting posters, abstracts, chairing session and hosting a successful workshop!

The workshop titled Syngas technologies, value chains, and market potential (6th June 2023) gave a platform to four different EU funded projects all research gasification technologies. The presentations highlighted differences between value chains, technologies, and market potentials for each project. We heard from:

BIOMETHAVERSE: Demonstrating and Connecting Production Innovations in the Biomethane universe – project overview.

Presenter: Claudio Carbone, ENEA

BioSFerA: Biofuels production from Syngas Fermentation for Aviation and maritime use – presenting results and updates from the project.

Presenter: Giorgia Pellegrino, Envipark

FlexSNG: Flexible Production of Synthetic Natural Gas and Biochar via Gasification of Biomass and Waste Feedstocks, and its market potential.

Presenters: Minna Kurkela, VTT & Stephan Seidelt, EIFER

Carbon Neutral LNG: Carbon Neutral electricity enhanced Synthesis of Liquefied Natural Gas from biomass – an overview of this new research project.

Presenter: Juergen Karl, FAU

And the day rounded off with an interesting panel discussion: Common ground and contribution of EU projects to the revamping of the SET Plan Action 8, with Ilkka Hiltunen, VTT, representing FlexSNG.

More News

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Successful validation campaign:  During the first pilot test campaign in May 2023, VTT’s newly constructed pressurized CFB gasification pilot plant “UCG2021” was successfully operated in

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