Esa Kurkela presents FlexSNG at IConBM2022, International Conference on BIOMASS

At this years IConBM International Conference on Biomass, Naples, Italy, June 5-8 2022, Esa Kurkela gave a presentation to introduce the FlexSNG project and to present the latest project publication ”Development of a bubbling circulating fluidized-bed reactor for biomass and waste gasification”, that will be available soon in “Chemical Engineering Transactions Journal” (CET).  

To find out more the full presentation is available here.

More News

FlexSNG to host a workshop at this year’s EUBCE

In this workshop hosted by the FlexSNG H2020 Project we will hear about the different gasification technologies currently being researched in the following projects. The presentations will highlight the differences between value chains, technologies, and market potentials for each project.

DTU ships OTM module to VTT

The first step towards validating FlexSNGs key enabling technologies is underway with the shipment of the OTM module from DTU in Denmark to VTT in Finland